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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bon Voyage, First Amendment.

You were awesome for a while, but then the Left determined that you were a hindrance to the greater causes of free abortions (as ironically cheer-led by a wealthy law student) and appeasing savages.

[As a stick-in-the-eye bonus, scroll down to Matt Yglesias' tweet in favor of secular Caesaropapism. Marx couldn't have said it better. Actually, no, he couldn't--Marx wrote a hundred years ago or something. For the products of recent head-up-your-ass-schooling, let me translate in your attenuated pop culture understanding: all your stuff are belong to State. OBEY.]

Apparently, sometime after Muslim terrorists massacred three thousand of us, it was determined that we'd be better off if we treated Islam as a shadow state religion and said blaspheming (read: criticizing in any way not likely to be approved by Saudi-trained clerics) it was bad. Easier that way.

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