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Wednesday, August 01, 2012


To show you what the administration’s priorities really are, an employer that does not offer health insurance under Obamacare will pay a $2000 annual penalty for each worker.

But the penalty for failing to offer the pill is $100 per day per employee.

So, it’s $36,500 per year if you don’t cover an employee’s IUDs, but only $2000 if you don’t offer her anything *at all.*

Yeah, tell me how it’s all about taking care of the uninsured.


  1. "Yeah, tell me how it’s all about taking care of the uninsured."

    I assume the purpose of the penalty is to help pay for the care of those the employer won't insure. But most of all it's about imposing the collective Progressive will upon the conscience of that employer who still, insanely, believes that he shouldn't have to fund someone else's sexual habits. It's also about exterminating any vestige of Christian principle from our nation's life. Really horrific stuff, but I wonder how many are left who see it that way.

  2. If it were women's "health" the administration cared about, they'd have thought that through better, wouldn't they? Of course, if they cared about women's "health," they'd outlaw the IUD.


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