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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Isaiah 2:4.

A few months back, I got myself into a brutal flame war with the Catholic blogger who goes by the name of Morning's Minion. After a carpetbombing fisk and volleys fired in other fora, I began to ponder whether or not I had done right, let alone well, in this particular fight. After a halting effort on my part to reach out to MM in another forum, he responded very graciously. I took down the fisk shortly thereafter. Upon further consideration, I came to the painful and unavoidable conclusion that I had behaved like a jerk and a jackass. And not for the first time. I conveyed that to him, and he offered a heartfelt apology for his part.

Lord, grant me the grace that I always remember there's someone else at the other end of my responses, and that not every season under Heaven is open season.

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