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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Getting ready for Elizabeth.

For those of you not grokking the name, Elizabeth is depicted in the rotating graphic to the right.

No, we're not ready. She'll arrive no later than October 7 (the feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary and the 438th anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto/Curzolaris). Doc's big on keeping the birth size below 9 pounds.

After this weekend, however, we'll be more ready, getting clothes out of storage and whatnot.

More updates: Brennen and Molly are doing well, probably better than can be expected. The assigned prosecutor is energetic and unafraid of trial, two virtues which can't be overestimated. Legal help on the civil side of the ball is also being arranged, Dale says with a chuckle which suggests it's coming from a mouth with fangs.

The five kittens are thriving, and are starting to open their eyes. They're still blind as bats, though. The good news is they are desperately cute (much less rat-like) and Gladys has no problems with us gently handling them. Homes have also been arranged for all of them, which is a relief.

We also have two superb pumpkins harvested and ready for either (1) pies (my vote) or (2) jack-o-lanterns (perhaps the majority position). I suspect I'm going to win, given the early harvest. The good news for the majority is that we have four more likely suspects which may be good candidates for All Hallows Eve. How do you fry up the flowers again, Danby?

The tomato plants are winding down, but have rendered noble and prolific service. I'm also about to harvest the sunflower seeds (second try, and hopefully much more successful).

I also have photos from my trip to Ground Zero. I haven't forgotten, and will get them up soon.

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