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Monday, August 04, 2008

Remember all that nice stuff

...I said about the Vox Nova blog?

Permit me to retract a lot of it. The posts themselves can still have value, but the comment boxes are, in the main, utter crap, a free-fire zone of bad faith, insult and readily-cast aspersions. Even the contributors jump in, and I was appalled to see Steve "Feddie" Dillard subjected to infantile taunts by one of them.

It's not all on the left side (somebody called Morning's Minion a "loon"), but it's clear there's no interest in maintaining even minimal levels of respect over there. And yes, I'm not exactly guiltless myself, but I never quite reached the level of calling someone a "f-ing hypocrite" or flatly stated that responding to an opponent was an occasion of sin, nor have I suggested that my opponents were mentally ill, or made (deeply ironic) accusations of moral cowardice.

There's a lot of growing up that needs to happen over there, posthaste, and there's no hint it's going to happen.

So I have a free spot in the blogroll now, available for a low monthly fee.

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