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Saturday, August 02, 2008

One more reminder.

Though I addressed after it happened, I did so in too-mild terms, and it's been bothering me more since. I cut my friends a lot of slack, as the rules in the sidebar warn, and I cut too much then. I edited the comments and left a note in there a while ago, but it's only to draw more attention to it in a separate post.

Do not call someone a "piece of s--t" in the comment box, or tell them to "f--k off." They reduce the comments boxes to sewers quickly and more importantly, they mar the human dignity of the insultee. As an aside, I addressed it privately with Victor at the time and we are fine.

OTOH, I have no problem with stating that someone's argument is cowardly, etc. Keep directing it to the argument's substance or lack thereof and I'm cool.

Those of you who have read this endeavor from early on (salutes to both of you!) know I'm not looking to run a high-toned salon here. It's a pub with regulars and the occasional Shea-lanche visitors chatting about whatever. On occasion, mugs shall be shaken, chairs shall be splintered, but at the end of the day the house is put in order and even the summoned cops can enjoy a pint.

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