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Friday, January 04, 2008


1. Ahem. Not enough of you are clicking on one of the categories in the BlogPoll. Go ahead. Play dumb.

2. A new blog for your perusal: Free Mark Steyn! Join the fight against Canada's Orwellian Human Rights Councils.

Contemporary Canada is what the U.S. would look like if every adjunct sociology professor banded together and successfully staged a putsch. Mandatory hyper-sensitivity training, gothically bad television and governments that regularly compose bizarro world glosses on the Constitution.

Followed, fifty years later, by sharia.

3. Louis eats like a hobbit. He's 8 pounds and has grown an inch in two weeks. At this rate, Heather will be nursing a four footer come next December.

4. Speaking of new blogs--any I'm missing? Anybody care to pi--promote a link to a/their blog in their comments?

5. Blogging will occur with more frequency in the coming weeks. Including, yes, a fisk or three. Which are invariably lengthy, take a lot of time to compose and earn me bupkis, so there you have it.

6. You want politics? Quick hits on my misgivings about the Republican field:

a. Huckabee: Watching the economic conservatives run around screaming "the sky is falling" has been very instructive--and fun. One serious concern: foreign affairs keep happening, whether the President likes it or not.

b. Romney: We're not voting for National Spokesmodel. Yeah, that's harsh--but Romney's enthusiasm for some of the things he's espousing is a bit...newly-minted for my taste. It's also caused Hugh Hewitt, a thoughtful commentator, to lose his capable mind. If Mitt set his hair on fire, Hewitt would praise it as a brilliant plan to appeal to bald voters, burn victims and pyromaniacs.

c. Thompson: Is there a there there? I used to be excited about the prospect of a Thompson candidacy. I'm not sure Fred himself is.

d. McCain: Temperament a concern, but he's my guy. A grown up with the gravitas to lead. And the only chance the GOP has.

e. Paul: A lot to like, but gives off too consistent a whiff of Eau d'crank.

f. Hunter: A substantive, standup guy, but he never caught fire. Veep?

g. Rudy Giuliani. No sale.

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