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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Life with baby.

He's settled in nicely, and has his days and nights correctly arranged. He also has sometimes-gothic "evening fussies," which is a polite way to describe intermittent screaming fits that may or may not involve intestinal discomfort.

(1) He already has a pecking order of favorites:

1. Heather. Yeah, I know--duh. But he tracks her like a laser pointer and dislikes having her out of sight when he's awake.

2. Me. He dislikes being handed over to me by Heather. He develops a shocked look, as in:

Louis: "What?!? You are giving me into the care of this epsilon?! What is wrong with you?"

Thereafter, he studiously avoids looking at me, preferring to stare at something somewhere past my shoulder. Until, of course, I start playing Ferris Wheel and "Louperman," both of which involve me lifting him into the air while I'm sitting down and whooshing him about. Then I get that "Epsilon!" look again. I have been able to calm him down when Mom can't, so I have that going for me. I start calling him "Clovis" when he freaks out, too. Not sure if that one will take.

2a. Madeleine. He is generally comfortable being around her, and won't react badly about being placed with her. She, of course, adores him. But gently.

3. Rachel. It's a distant third, as in "We don't have a bronze medal for this event." She, too, adores him. But she's more energetic about it, both with hugs and decibels. If he avoids making eye contact with me, he turns his head as far away as possible from her. "Give me back to the epsilon--forthwith!"

Incomplete: Dale III. He adores his baby brother, and is the soul of gentle caution. So much so, in fact, that he doesn't want to hold Louis for fear of hurting him.

(2) He is a baby of many faces. My personal favorite is the Loulander, where Louis mimics the "various" model faces of Derek Zoolander, all of which (save Magnum) look like this:

"Hey, it's 'Blue Steel'! Look, Heather!"

Speaking of being studiously ignored...

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