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Friday, December 07, 2007

Michigan's coaching search proceeds apace.

Greg Schiano of Rutgers just turned Michigan down.
Les Miles doesn't sound like a guy who's turned the page quite yet. But it's become abundantly clear the AD's office is leaving the love unrequited.
Why the sports stuff? One, I enjoy watching it. Two, I enjoy talking about it. You know what? Sports is the last civil conversation in a polarized America. It's the last debating ground where facts are used and even when the emotions run high, the opponents laugh and shake hands at the end. It's not a place where "you're insensitive and have hurt my feelings" is deployed in a dispute. And it's the last meeting place where you will get people who are otherwise diametrically opposed on every other important issue to stand on the same side and cheer.
It's a refuge from the rhetorical muggings happening every place else in the public square. How could I not like it?
Oh, and Doug--the Cowboys are way overrated this year.

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