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Thursday, December 06, 2007


Haven't really had a chance to catch my breath of late. We are under a Baby Warning from the National Natalist Service, which means a baby is imminent and we must complete our plans before he arrives in the area. Then, of course, we take cover.

Haven't slept for ____ in months, actually, but now's a particularly bad time to be tired. The bright side: Maxwell House's 100% Arabica Beans upgrade is a very pleasant surprise. Good, smooth stuff.

I don't know for a fact that the Michigan athletic department has botched the coaching search, but a fellow Michigan fan suggested that this seems like the perfect metaphor:

Steve Skojec sent me a James Carroll article on the Spanish Civil War which is worth filleting, but no time at the present. Speaking of Carroll, I have a new warning system for posts involving his oeuvre:

Finally, prayers for my sister-in-law (Heather's sister), who is going through a very rough patch at the moment.

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