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Monday, June 26, 2006

Let's see...

(1) Work has been a bear (three attorneys doing the work done by six two months ago),
(2) In one of my cases, opposing counsel prematurely filed a pointless motion for summary judgment (which, but for the bushels of inconvenient material fact, is sure to be granted),
(3) Heather is testifying in a criminal case today (she witnessed an attempted beating),
(4) our kitchen floor is being replaced tomorrow,
(5) the kitchen is being painted Wednesday,
(6) Heather is leaving with the kids Tuesday (see (4) and (5), supra);
(7) The Boy is recovering from a bout of projectile vomiting and a double ear infection and
(8) I'm certain I'm forgetting something.

So, blogging will be a mite constricted for a few days. But I can't pass up a discussion of the crozier falling in Saginaw (at long last), and I'll do so soon. Among my many favorite parts is the dispatch of the dread "Saginaw blessing" [sic].

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