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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Tagged Like the Contents of a Morgue Locker, Part I.

Twice. Two new memes.

The first is from Greg Krehbiel, to whom I forgot to say "no taps back." He has an interesting idea, so I'll let him describe it:

It’s called “The Virtue in Entertainment Awards.” The idea is to highlight elements of pop culture that are actually wholesome and promote good values. You can nominate a book, movie or song for any of the following three categories: Love, Family, Courage. You can also comment on how this concept can be refined.

So, here’s my first stab.

Love — “Skin,” by Rascal Flats.

Family — “She’s Somebody’s Hero,” by Jamie O’Neil.

Courage — “Letters from Home,” by John Michael Montgomery.

Great idea! Here's my stab at it, with a strong film focus:

Love: High Fidelity.

Family: Cinderella Man.

Courage: Savior.

I'm resisting the "cultural weight" idea even though I think Greg's got a good point. Unfortunately, with the exception of Cinderella Man, the films didn't have much impact and even CM did less well than expected. However, each features major Hollywood talents in the lead roles, so we're not talking Cremaster-type arthouse fare. Moreover, each is of high quality, with genuine artistic and technical merit. Frankly, they deserve wider audiences.

So there. And, yes, I'll be happy to defend my choices at exhausting, annoying length.

I hereby transmit the infection to Der Tommissar, SAM, and Zach (yes, "again"--no taps back, o font of eeeeeevil).

Second meme upcoming.

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