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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Adopt a parish.

The following is Heather's stroke of inspired genius, with a few ideas of my own tossed in.

Why don't we organize and ask each of our individual parishes to adopt a devastated parish in Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama?

Anything and everything could be donated: cash, food, clothing, spare Bibles/missals/hymnals/lectionaries/rosaries/clerical garb/chalices/etc.--you name it, someone's probably going to need it. Many people are going to have literally nothing left, and will be fortunate and happy to worship in a gym for the foreseeable future. Be creative: for example, Heather is going to speak to the chair of our parish bingo (her mother) to see if this week's profits (or a future week/weeks') can be donated. How about an additional collection at Mass for a few weeks?

If Houston zoos and restaurants can generously offer free goods and services through the end of October, surely we can top that.

Coordination is going to be difficult, and I suggest we contact the various affected diocese to see how we can get the help where it is needed. Or perhaps your own, which could collect it and arrange shipments.

What do you think?

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