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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Update on the AoSF Blessing/Prayer/Thing.

SAM notes that they've taken out the "Spirit/Great Spirit" references (scroll down).

Which makes it ahistorical (no such thing was ever used).

Not to mention even less coherent. E.g., who or what (God? Elvis? Mother Nature? Mr. Whipple? Joan Chittister? The President of Briggs and Stratton?) is being addressed?

Frankly, the A0SF version wasn't Wiccan enough to be really compelling and interesting. Shorn of even those elements, the remainder has a high school poetry anthology(1)/open-mike-night-at-Caffeinhaus badness to it that demands it be sent the memory hole, posthaste.

Watch it not happen.


(1) I speak here with some authority, as someone who had a sonnet published in such a book back in 1987. No, there's not a chance in Hell you're ever going to see it. Let's just say it was reflective of a mentality oversaturated with D&D and Molly Hatchet album covers, and leave it at that.

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