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Monday, January 24, 2005

Around the blogs.

Lee Anne Millinger could use your prayers. Not so BTW, I really like her blog--it's one of the peaceful zones in the blogiverse.

As opposed to places that seem more like an Irish pub brawl, complete with the broken Guiness bottles and flying bar stools. You know, like this one.

William Luse's daughter, Bernadette, is on the official rookies' list for the LPGA. You can feel Papa's deserved pride from here. Congratulations!

Alicia the Midwife beautifully reminds us what home is.

Mike Inman is a braver man than I am. Two words: no way.

And finally, wholly appropriate to the feast day of St. Francis de Sales, is that fine Saint's admonition to people Just. Like. Me., courtesy of the Old Oligarch (who also is to be congratulated on the birth of his first child):

You will find others who must always be hearing and seeing something new. To attract attention they collect innumerable books and create libraries that are wonders to behold. 'Poor creatures, what is the purpose in all that?' They will respond: 'Oh, we are practicing foresight in anticipating our future needs. When older, we can make good use of them.' 'Oh God! do you not realize that Our Lord strongly desired to remove such avarice and anxiety from His disciples' hearts and commanded them to live from hand to mouth and to have no anxiety about tomorrow (Mt 6:34)?" Indeed, among the ordinances which God imposed on the children of Israel was the command to collect only a certain measure of manna [Ex 16:16]..."

Um, I can explain...

I think St. Francis just entered Heather's Top Five list--with a bullet.

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