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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Gunophobia in the news.

Two pieces for your attention:

1. A New Hampshire high school senior had his yearbook picture taken holding a gun. He's a trap and skeet shooting enthusiast, and the picture shows him in competition gear, including his shotgun.

Naturally, the administration was appalled, found it inappropriate and prohibited him from using it as his senior picture.

Perhaps just as naturally, a lawsuit is in the works.

2. In New York, vigiliant authorities arrested a teen with a firearm in his trunk.

Well, OK, it's a replica Civil War musket.

Without bullets.

As it turns out, er, um, it's not actually capable of firing them.

That's because, as the hapless teen's enraged mother tersely noted, it's what's known as--and I hate to use technical bafflegab--a "fake gun."

Because, as the authorities acknowledge, the lad's a Civil War re-enactor, who after re-doing Chancellorsville (ouch) a week ago, tossed his gear into his trunk and forgot it was there.

Did I mention that the re-enactor unit heavily recruited at the high school?

But, for all that, Joshua Phelps was cuffed, led out of the school and charged with misdemeanor possession of a firearm. Why do I smell a lawsuit?

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