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Friday, October 08, 2004

Beslan, U.S.A.?

I am a little more anxious this morning:

Schools in six states in particular are being watched closely based on information uncovered by the U.S. military in Baghdad this summer, law enforcement and education officials told ABC News.

A man described as an Iraqi insurgent involved in anti-coalition activities had downloaded school floor plans and safety and security information about elementary and high schools in the six states, according to officials.

School officials in Fort Myers, Fla.; Salem, Ore.; Gray, Ga.; Birch Run, Mich.; two towns in New Jersey; and two towns in California have been told to increase security in light of the discovery.

And here's one for the Doyoyoy File:

Law enforcement officials said they had no easy explanation why an insurgent in Baghdad would be gathering such specific information about American schools, some of them in small towns.

Translated: "Law enforcement officials said they had no easy, reassuring, go-ahead-and-hit-that-snooze-bar-again explanation why...."

Birch Run is a little town--the "Welcome To" signs unabashedly call it a "Village"--about fifteen minutes south of Saginaw. Statewide, it is known for precisely one thing: a huge outlet mall just off I-75. God willing, it will stay that way.

If you get the sense there is no safe place, congratulations!

You have been paying attention.

So, why do I get the feeling that we'll hear more about Vietnam the next few weeks than this story?

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