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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Thanks, everyone!

The prayers, kind words and well-wishes on the occasion of the birth of Rachel Hannah were and are much appreciated.

Mother and baby continue to do well. Details will be over at Domestic Bliss II during the weekend.

In fact, Rachel is easily our quietest, most mellow baby. I have been getting intermittent sleep the past week, but not because of the youngest. My boy, unfortunately, has not taken well to being displaced as the baby. He doesn't take it out on little sister (a fascinating creature, from his behavior), but he refuses to sit with daddy while "Yaya" (his designation for me) is holding Rachel. We're making the effort to direct some D3-only attention his way, and hoping that works. Maddie has been perfect with the baby, and not a hint of resentment. We're trying to get her some Maddie-only time, too.

Thanks again--and yes, pictures will follow.

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