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Thursday, September 23, 2004

"Nazi Bot Sadistic."

The above was the alleged internet moniker of a Metro Detroit wannabe Harris/Klebold, Andrew Osantowski, stopped by an alert teenage girl and her police officer father in Washington State before his plan went into action. The paraphenalia and gear of young Mr. Osantowski proved diverse and interesting:

Among the items seized by police at the Osantowski home in Clinton Township:

AK47 7.62-caliber semiautomatic rifle
Mossberg 12-gauge pump-action shotgun
Legacy 12-gauge pump shotgun
Several boxes of shotgun ammunition
Numerous large-capacity magazines for the AK47
Two gas cut-off saws
One SDS-Max hammer drill
One Hilti laser kit
One bolt cutter
Several knives
Several Nazi-related books, including "The Threat of the Hitler Cult," "Adolf Hitler" and "The Neo-Nazis"
Several homemade videos, including one of Andrew Osantowski pretending to fire weapons
One Nazi flag
Pipes and pipe-bomb material
Two propane canisters
Aluminum nitrate and other chemicals

Nazi paraphenalia in the hands of a young man of Polish descent. All righty, then. I strain to understand how one can idolize the murderer of one in six of your ancestral countrymen. Forgive and forget, I guess--especially with all those cool black uniforms. Maybe he thought of himself as one of those "salvageable Aryan" Poles that the paperhanger decided to reclaim as fully human, and not a member of the Slawen sind Sklaven.

Or maybe he's just a deeply screwed up young suburban idiot desperate to find meaning in a reprehensible cause that offers discipline and answers in the face of adults unable or unwilling to provide either. See Lindh, John Walker. The latter sure can embrace the former. It does so easily, these days.

Good morning, America! Oh, nothing to worry about here--just keep hitting the snooze bar, and I'm sure it will all go away. Yes, I'm starting to have some pity for the kid, even as I hope for a lengthy prison term.

And, because it's so relevant to the charges, the elder Osantowski's religious affiliation is described:

He is a member of the Knights of Columbus and a founding member of a local Catholic church.

Well, you know how those "Knights" organizations are--Columbus, Klan, same diff. Now you know where all that Tootsie Roll money really goes. No, here's a better indicator of the problem:

Osantowski wrote about the Chippewa Valley High School police liaison officer, saying: "Now, I'm not even worried about getting into a gunfight with her because it doesn't matter. Now, I'm more than ever determined to blow her head off."
The teen apparently targeted the liaison officer because she handled a case in which he and his father were accused of stealing three golf carts from Fern Hill in May. Both were charged with receiving and concealing stolen property and were arraigned Thursday morning, only hours before their home was raided on the terrorism tip.

Remember what I said about "adults unwilling or unable to provide discipline/answers," above? Let's just say there might be some evidence that dad might be abdicating his God-given role. That, and apparently there was some inkling on Mom's part that the kid was not exactly profiting from his Hitlerjugend reading list.

"I think he's just been brainwashed by this Nazi stuff he had."

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllloooooooo! Anybody home? WHY DID YOU LET HIM KEEP THIS CRAP, THEN?

[Sound of head repeatedly pounding into computer keyboard.]

Oh, and the final interesting fact: Heather graduated high school with Mr. Queentry, the younger Osantowski's alleged explosives tutor. Local clamor caused his bond to be raised after he was initially released.

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