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Thursday, August 05, 2004

How long, O Lord?

[Warning: the following link contains descriptions of Catholic worship stupidity guaranteed to stagger even those who think themselves inured to such things.

You have been warned.]

Word of Redemptionis Sacramentum has yet to trickle down to outlying parishes, like this one in South Dakota.

This account of the "worship" music at Sunday Mass will leave you begging--pleading on your knees with your hands raised to Heaven-- for Haugen.

Here's a taste:

After Communion, as we sit quietly, one of the guys gets up with his hand mic and sings the Communion Meditation (as it is called in the program): John Lennon's Imagine!

I can't imagine, myself. But wait--there's more. Much, much more. But I refuse to quote more, as you will understand upon perusal.

Read the whole thing--with a flagon of Imodium and a bushel of Tums handy.

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