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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Harrison Bergeron, call your office.

Here's a textbook case of PC inanity--in, of all places, American public school textbooks. Read it to learn how the Molders of Young Minds Homogenize The Planet And Make It Safe For The Hypersensitive.

This is the part that set me off:

A review of my book in the Scotsman, an Edinburgh newspaper, said that a well-known local writer for children sold a story to an American textbook company, along with illustrations. The U.S. publisher, however, informed her that she could not show a little girl sitting on her grandfather's lap, as the drawing implied incest. So, the author changed the adult's face, so that the little girl was sitting on her grandmother's lap instead.

Oh, for God's sake. It's taking everything I have to stifle the obscenites making a bayonet charge for the tip of my tongue. What a pig-ignorant, asinine, wholly gratuitous insult to every grandfather who has ever held his granddaughter. Yep. Every grandpa holding his female offspring is a slavering beast about to turn on her in the most horrid way imaginable. We All Know the same thing applies to fathers, too.

Sure. If you are somehow beamed over to the planet known as Dworkin's World.

Such an objection says far more about the minds making the objection than anything else.

I'm not a homeschooling advocate, but it's increasingly easy to understand the motivation.

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