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Friday, May 16, 2003

When Clergy Defend!

Or, "Shepherds Behaving Correctly." Either way, good news about priests and bishops doing their jobs.

First, in Virginia, where two priests of the Diocese of Arlington reminded another straying Congressional Catholic to reverse the word order:

With the three politicians seated before him, the Rev. Bryan Belli delivered the sermon, part of which touched on pro-life issues and Catholic politicians who ignore church teachings. Mr. Moran's spokesman, Dan Drummond, was quoted in Roll Call as saying that it is unethical and possibly illegal for Father Belli to attack the Democratic Party from the pulpit.

After the 9 a.m. Mass, according to the newspaper, a "red-faced" Mr. Moran exchanged heated words with the Rev. Michael Dobbins, with Mr. Moran "screaming and pointing his finger at him."

"How can you reconcile yourself as a Catholic with your views on abortion?" the priest is reported to have asked Mr. Moran, who is said to have shot back, "You priests don't know anything about abortion."

"Congressman, put away the talking points. Talk to me as your priest," Father Dobbins told his parishioner. Mr. Moran is reported to have replied that there was "not enough time" and walked off but not before hearing the priest say: "Congressman, one day you will need me, and I will be here."

Then there's my archbishop, barring one of the Call for Fiber gang from speaking at a local parish. Note Dr. Chump's response, which manages at once to be disrespectful, self-promoting, cloying and evasive. Neat trick.

I would disagree slightly with Cardinal Maida about one thing: perhaps the most appalling aspect to the Padster is that he willingly associates himself with something that calls itself "The Inclusive Community". Yeesh: cue "Age of Aquarius." The CFFers are all about "community."

Well, those they allow to be born into it, that is. Which explains why there's plenty of hearing-aid interference at their meetings.

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