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Saturday, May 31, 2003

Spiritual Exploration via an "Easy Bake" Oven.

More arrested-development boomers caught in the act of auto-liturgic affirmation. The usual invocations to Sophia-Wisdom (who's this "Jesus" fella?), women frolicking about in priestess gear, spectacularly bad performance art and so forth. It was called a "community worship service," was headed up by a nun (of course) and designed by a Jesuit (say no more!). From the photographs, it does seem pretty clear that the community was being worshipped, all right. Baguettes for all!

"It was a breathtaking bringing-together for all of us," said author Paul Wilkes. "Breathtaking" I can agree with. But "bringing-together"? Ack.

Memo to self: avoid his books.

I will not be accepting any more entries for "The Stupidest Thing Seen This Month" contest--we have a winner.

[Links via Mark Sullivan.]

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