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Monday, April 28, 2003

Ready. Fire! Aim.

Joe Marier points out in comments to the post on Fr. Cantalamessa's "Imagine" homily below (archive link currently out of service) that he (Fr.) was fully cognizant of the inadequacies of the ditty in question.

Here's the link to the homily in Zenit.

While you can still fault Fr. Cantalamessa for muzzyheaded thinking, he was hardly touting the song as a plan of action, and he certainly wasn't channeling for Archbishop Renato "America is Pharoah!" Martino. The homily was much better than Neumayr reported. My bad. I apologize.

As for the admonishment to read a certain joint weblog that shall not be named: I have since Lent.


But, after reading a post blasting Rod Dreher for not commenting on the Pope's Eucharist encyclical, I had two thoughts:

1. Obsess much?


2. I haven't missed anything by not visiting--apart from hypertension, that is.

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