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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

More Gurkhiana.

Victorino Matus over at The Weekly Standard has an article about the Gurkhas in Iraq, including a description of their last visit to the region in 1914.

Mark Sullivan offers this fine article by the same author about the deployment of the Brigade in Afghanistan. The Gurkhas were eager to take the field:

Asked how they like it in the desert, some of them complain that it is hot, but add, "We are enjoying it here." The temperature is about 115 degrees. And what do they think about the latest crisis? One rifleman told a reporter from The Mirror, "The attack on America was very sad and many lives were lost. It was terrible to watch on television. So I would love to go to Afghanistan to fight." He went on to say, "From what I have read, the Taliban are bad people, so the fight would be very just. I would even ask to go first."

Like I said, on our side.

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