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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Oh, and the big takeaway from the week.

The pontiff of the Catholic Church just tried to contradict Catholic teaching.

You might have missed that in the silly slap fight between the Pope and the execrable Donald Trump. 

So let me repeat it for you: the pontiff of the Catholic Church just tried to contradict Catholic teaching.

And not one bishop objected to this...fascinating development. 

Is Catholicism nothing more than the cult of the reigning pontiff? 

Stay tuned!


  1. Mr. Price. Consider that virtually all the electors (very single one?) in the conclave were there because they elevated to their positions by Pope Saint John Paul II and Benedict XVI which means, to ABS anyway, that they agreed with Bergoglio and his peronist anthropocentric creed/agenda.

    It is not believable that the electors did no know who Bergoglio was given his long track record of slogging through the peronist swamps in Argentina and his glibness; no, they knew him and choses him because he is they.

    The VAST majority of the Hierarchy supports Bergoglio and the vast majority of the Hierarchy supports his ideas on contraception.

    Bergoglio is prolly smart enough to understand that if he tried to formally change doctrine then God would withdraw his providence and Bergoglio would die for Jesus did not establish His Church and send the Holy Ghost upon it to teach it all truth only to have some faithless peronist come along and wreck it.

    Bergoglio knows what he is doing and the vast majority of the hierarchy supports hime and agrees with him and it is Only the faithful Laity who will confront in publicly while our craven shepherds are silent.

    This Is Arianism Two, rewritten for modern times and directed by an Argentinian AntiChrist

  2. Did some checking around. The Cardinal Electors in the conclave that gave us Our Pope and and Our Cross were all elevated to The Cardinalate by Pope Saint John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.

    Just imagine the next Concalve when Bergoglio has made his choice of Cardinals.

    And who was it who instituted the novelty of forcing Cardinals to retire at age 80 (and, thus ineligible to vote).

    Pope Paul VI.

    He knew how to preserve and promote the revolution - decapitate the old conservatives.

  3. ABS -- my own impression is not necessarily that they "personally agree" with Bergoglio in every or necessarily even most ways.

    Rather they are

    (a) pygmies who are utterly oblivious to the stakes;

    (b) personally invested in the hundreds or even thousands of OTHER postconciliar reforms, which gives them no principled basis to stand in opposition to a few dozen more; and

    (c) are terrified of the man, who is (let's face it) unpredictable in every way except one: his notorious pettiness.


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