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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Well, what else is there to blog about?!

Surely, there have to be cheerier subjects to talk about than an ecclesial act of sacramental seppuku?

Why, yes, yes there are!

Coming soon:

Book reviews about:


Stay tuned.


  1. Oh Goody! War! One of my favourite topics.

    I actually have three letters my Grandfather wrote to home during the first world war, all of them during or immediately after major battles. Two of them are from the Hundred Days- one immediately following Amiens, and the other right after Drocourt Quaent Switch. (If your book doesn't cover those, especially the second, it isn't worth much.) The third letter was from Passchendaele.

    Looking forward.

  2. Dale, have you perchance read any of Lukyanenko's Nightwatch/Daywatch novels? The bit about probability reminded me of them. From just a glimpse, Stirling's books sound like a Heinekenized (pr perhaps Anne-Riced) version of them. That's not to suggest that Stirling "stole" anything, since I haven't read them, and don't find creative cross-pollination as scandalous as some purists do. Indeed, I suppose you could call Lukyanenko's novels a Dostoyevskian take on what Stirling portrays.

    Okay, enough procrastinating for now.

  3. Byzantium? Could you, perhaps, see to finally publishing your long-awaited post on things Byzantine?

  4. What's seppuku? Is that what you do when you get stuck in an elevator with Ben Yachov?

    Just kidding...sort of...


  5. Wow, Bear--a family primary source. That's...just, wow. Can you glean anything regarding his mindset at the time?

  6. Elliot:

    Those look interesting, but no, that's not the source. Steve admits that it's an homage to Jack Williamson's "Darker Than You Think."

    One of the Shadowspawn bad guys refers to Williamson in the trilogy, noting that he came closest to unveiling their secrets, so they made sure he lived a long, healthy and active life to prevent suspicion. Williamson lived to the ripe old age of 98, so... :)

  7. Yeah, I'm definitely overdue on Byzantium, aren't I, Flambeaux?

    Gotta add that to the carousel, too.

    1. :-)
      I'll keep asking. But you tend to the important stuff first. Worst comes to worst I'll just have to head up your way one summer and we can talk Byzantium over food, wine, and cigars.

  8. Scott:

    My essential problem with BY is that he doesn't listen to me, and he tends to respond in my general direction. Other than that, I don't have any gripe.