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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

After trying to sever my finger the day after my birthday...

...I've found it awkward to type.

You see, it's my left middle finger (a/k/a "the auxilliary talking finger," "I-think-you're-#1-and-I-really-want-you-to-see-it finger," "the tall finger of fellowship"). What letter does that finger access most often?

The "E."


So, yeah, typing.

I had something of a mishap with my electric hedge trimmers, he says with English understatement. Fortunately, I still have the entire digit, but it's broken and has 2-4 more weeks before it heals entirely. More fortunately, none of my children saw it happen, nor did they see me bleed like a killing floor. I remained fairly stoic, or at least did so in my mind. It could have been much, much worse.

Before that, I had the Annual Kids Activities Schedule Blitz, which turns May into a disorienting swirl of travel, recrimination and shared misery. So, of course, we'll do the same thing next year. But that puts the kibosh on writing and pontificating (but I repeat myself).

Heather's fine, the kids are fine (even if Kamikaze Louis is shaving hours off my lifespan every day), and even my 10% pay cut (speaking of "shared misery") hasn't been as gruesome as feared.

Not sure what I can promise, posting-wise, but at least I'm still alive-ish and largely unmaimed, which allows for the possibility. Random short reviews from the library has a certain manageable appeal.


  1. Glad to hear you're back, sort of. Sorry to hear about the finger.

  2. Ah, youthful memories. At least you didn't try to clear grass out of your lawn mower without turning it off. I was dumber than a bag of Chicago Black Hawks back in the day. Got some major league stitching work at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis. If you look real hard, you can still see three slices in my left index finger.

  3. I've been meaning to give you a call - glad to hear everything sounds as normal for a dad of five (or is it six?) ought to sound.

    Bummer about the finger though. Hope it heals completely.

  4. Again, Catholic husband and father doing duties toward God, family, and community.

    You radical, you.

    Write when you can.