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Saturday, June 16, 2012

On the bright side...

Rachel had her First Communion at the redoubtable Assumption Grotto in Detroit. This one kinda captures our daily chaos better than the nicer photos.

Tommy's a handsome lad already. I think he has a future in grifting.

We have about 80 percent of our books out of storage. The kids have no excuse, really.

Those of you inclined to play "Where's Waldo?" can try to guess at the volumes in question. And no, this isn't all of our shelves. Just a sampler.


  1. Congrats to Rachel!

    I think the Prices may rival the Culbreaths as bibliophile maniacs. Impressive. ;-)

  2. God Bless! You are tagged

  3. God Bless


  4. Jeff: We're full-bore lunatics. If it weren't for the Kindles, I'd probably have been crushed by now.