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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Anonymous commenters are the herpes of the internet.

By which I mean they turn what should be a pleasurable exercise into a scabby one filled with discomfort, recrimination and regret.

From the spammer file come these sub-literate gems from my spam catcher (which is a default function not set by me):

Who is this wanker? Are all americans this imbecile?
By Anonymous on OK. Things are somewhat better. on 10/1/11

I guess you probably won't be publishing my comment. bummer.
By Anonymous on Just another day of Resurrection denial. on 6/10/11

You people exist? I stumbled upon this by accident. Yikes! You really spend all your time ranting about the truth inherent in Catholic Orthodoxy? lmao. Oh the irony in wasting this life at a keyboard utterly consumed about something only other hardcore acolytes give two craps about. hahaha.
By Anonymous on Just another day of Resurrection denial. on 6/10/11

My favorites are Nos. 2 and 3, by the same Voltaire. Yeah, a real loss to reasoned discussion that would be.

Though No. 1 has a certain idiot panache, given how grammatically challenged wanker-flinger is.

As long as I get the like, I'll periodically publish these for the purposes of hearty mockery.

If you have a good reason for anonymity, that's fine. But most don't--they're just mental masturbators capable only of...well, just look at the above. If you're going the anonymity route, you're on a choke chain here.

1 comment:

  1. "I see dead people." That is how I have come to know them. Dead to anything concerning logic or even just polite foolish discourse. Such is the Internet. In the hands of the good, it can be an awesome thing indeed. In the hands of evil, nothing but vile corruption and hate. Hang in there.