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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Prayers would be welcome.

Elizabeth, our 17 month old, was admitted to the hospital yesterday with respiratory distress. With the assistance of Tamiflu, Louis, Maddie and I weathered a case of the influenza, and we thought that Lizzie had the same. Three days of medicine didn't make a dent, which now makes sense since last night's x-rays determined that it was pneumonia.

Today, the doctor leading her treatment team told Heather that Lizzie is not getting out before Friday at the earliest. She is "the sickest child in the peds ward" of a large hospital. In attempt to reassure that did the opposite, he said that it is a short trip to the ICU for her should it be necessary.


  1. How distressing! This lurker will certainly pray.

  2. Poor baby! Prayers on the way, for her and for your whole family.

  3. You will remain in my prayers and thoughts, at the Hours and Mass. God be with you and with your poor child!

  4. Prayers coming for your daughter, you and your family, and the doctors.

  5. Hi, Dale!

    I will pray for your daughter Elizabeth's speedy recovery.