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Monday, November 03, 2008

"And in news--sport."

OR--I'm Suffering From Electile Dysfunction and Need a Subject Change.

A.I. for Mr. Big Shot and Antonio McDyess?


FWIW, I've always liked the way Iverson plays (just so long as we're not talking about practice), and he was the only guy going for broke in the 2004 Olympics, which endeared him to me. All he does is score, and this will be the most complete supporting cast he's had in his career. I'll definitely be paying closer attention to the regular season.

All in all, it looks like a salary cap move, believe it or not.

I think it weakens them slightly, but the 'Stons wanted to give Rodney Stuckey a bigger role at point guard. Also, Chauncey had been subpar during the last two playoff runs. Still, he will be missed--we wouldn't have celebrated a championship in 2004 without him.

Oh, and thoughts on Culpepper signing to be the QB for Nobody's Team? He'd better have some of his old mobility, otherwise he'll be retiring again, tout suite.

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