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Monday, June 16, 2008

Learned an interesting lesson on Saturday.

Madeleine and Trip have been attending a dance class for the past year. Maddie's been on the ballet track and I think D3 was inspired by the Nicholas Brothers to take tap dancing lessons.

The inspiration is understandable:

Cab Calloway and the Nicholas Brothers in Stormy Weather.

Well, he's not quite to that level yet. But he was happy to take the class (after a few weeks) and is now determined to continue.

Here comes the lesson. I wanted the kids to know Dad was supporting them, so I bellowed out "All right, Maddie!" and "Way to go, Dale!" for their respective performances. Maddie says she thought she might have heard me. She was a graceful as an angel during her performance.

Unfortunately, Dale heard me loud and clear and gave a puzzled reply, his hands shading his eyes:

"Where are you?"

Fortunately, he went ahead with a fine performance, and I sank into my seat.

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