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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Telebrands Presents: How to Speak Truth to Power--At Absolutely No Risk to You!

In his neck of the woods, Carl Olson finds some cheeky Rebels striking a blow against the Theocrat Empire.

I hereby offer my finest golf clap for the transgressive courage of the sophomores at The Insurgent [sic].

Because, as we all know, it takes cast iron cojones to challenge Christian beliefs in America. Remember the fate of Matt Stone and Trey Parker for their depiction of Jesus in the Muhammad cartoon episodes. I mean, you are risking almost certain applause.

Somewhere in the dark recesses of the Vatican, Benedict XVI is formulating a fatwa against the Oregon onanists even as we speak ('ware the albino). And once he activates The Pope Signal, the mind-gelded laity will be dispatched to do their best to liquidate the blasphemers. In anticipation, I'm readying my explosive belt for my trip to Duckland (at the moment, I am waiting for the first coat of rat poison on the nails to dry--don't you just hate that?).

I'm also glad to see that the bold essays are larded with F-bombs. An Authentic Undergrad Leftist Jeremiad™ composed by a scraggly-bearded guy who reeks of patchouli and won't declare his major until his fifth year demands no less.

The good news is that I think Word has a template for it now.

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