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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Overheard in a Costco.

As I was shopping for the week, I stumbled across a guy about my age also shopping. He had a daughter (10 or so) and a son (5-7). The son looked at me, and in a stage whisper said to his sister "That guy looks just like Dad!"

A resemblance, sure--both of us stocky, brown-haired, equipped with "mouth mullets" a/k/a goatees (thanks, Ms. Shaidle...), wearing glasses and roughly the same height. The main difference was that his hair was thinning on top.

Which cued up the devastating response.

You see, big sis immediately snorted her authoritative reply: "No, he doesn't. Dad's way more bald!"

Big Sis' voice carried much, much better.

I did the English thing and ignored it, taking a sudden interest in the oversized box of Colon Blow cereal nearest to me.

Of course I didn't laugh--I'm going to be that guy in five years. Karma and all that.

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