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Monday, January 05, 2004

Michigan Meterologists--Complete Frauds or Utter Incompetents?

It's a coin toss. We were supposed to get ***Death Storm 2004!!!*** this weekend.

We ended up with two inches of the white stuff.

I bet Heather we wouldn't get more than that, but she refused to take it. It was hilarious watching the TV DopplerHeads work themselves into an accumulation frenzy from Saturday morning on.

Not that the services of the National Weather Service or Accuweather were any better, of course. The stylistic differences between the latter two are very interesting.

The NWS is the fire and brimstone Baptist preacher, stoked into a frenzy of Judgment:

"Brothers, there's a Hellstorm straight from the pages of Revelation headed this way--and it's comin' for you, Sinner! Are you ready?!?"

The NWS was talking 7-12 inches of snow, each flake landing with an ominous thud.

Accuweather is the Methodist pastor, calmly non-committal:

"Siblings, let us not judge the weather system, which may have its good or bad points, depending."

Anywhere from 3-9 inches, gently floating to the bosom of mother earth.

The backpedaling of the news and weather services was painfully funny:

"Several inches will fall throughou--there will be locally heavy snowfall, with significant accumul--moderate snowfall from Eight Mile south--Roads will be slic--You may have to clean off your windshield."

Only in meteorology can you have such a track record of failure and still have people come back each day to hang on your every word.

Sign me up.

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